Hey i’m

Dana Rivera

I help women entrepreneurs share their brand message with a story driven video strategy.







       but how can you make the

power of video work for you?

Your stories matter because that’s exactly what allows you to transform others’ lives.

Thank goodness you’re here, because we need you: your heart, soul, and energy.

Getting on camera and being yourself is way easier said than done. I know. I’ve been there.

       where do you

find the time?

:: between working with clients, connecting in Facebook Groups, and holding discovery calls?


:: How do you even have the energy to create after learning all the tech and setting up all your equipment?


:: Or maybe you’re creating video like crazy, but just aren’t seeing any results. Just crickets…

       you need video

that is distinctly you

Sure, you can create a schedule, declare that you’ll actually do it this time, and plan to your heart’s content, but without the right puzzle pieces, you’ll be smashing that piece into a spot where it just doesn’t fit.


Because you can’t finish your puzzle with pieces from someone else’s box right?


You need to use video that is distinctly YOU. A video vision that is built from the pieces you carefully handcrafted yourself.


BUT you don’t have to do it alone.

  that’s where

i come in

As your Video Vision Mentor, I’m extremely passionate about cutting through video marketing noise and helping you

:: create stress-free, fun, makes you want to dance video plans


:: gather a story bank that you can look to when you are creating video blogs, hosting a webinar, or even engaging the members of your Facebook Group


:: and of course conquering all the techy editing and camera stuff that comes with it.

I’ve loved film and video since I was a kid, marathon watching turner classic movies with my mom, so it made complete sense that I became a video editor and storyteller. Before I started working with online women entrepreneurs, I was a documentary filmmaker, creating online short films for nonprofits and corporations.

 I was on the front lines of crafting strategies and stories, filming interviews, editing meaningful finished videos and finally implementing plans for getting them in front of the right people.


The results: Rapid growth of their youtube channel, increased awareness of their cause and mission in the community and jumps in reaching their fundraising goals.


I fell in love with helping women entrepreneurs conquer video when I started growing my business on the side to pay off my looming student debt.


I believe that every person’s story matters. No matter how seemingly small or big, they all have an impact and deserve to be recorded.

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lover of

  the 90’s

          are you ready to

tell your story?

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